Are there fish in my make-up?

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Dorm Diaries

It’s me again! Yes, it’s J.D The Preppy Gyrl that loves pink and research! Did you know that there really are fish in cosmetics? Yikes!!😱😲 The cosmetic ingredient, Guanine,  is actually ground-up fish scales. The FDA classifies it as a color additive in cosmetics. It gives the beauty products its sparkly white color. Guanine is found in nail polish, lipstick, makeup, bath products, perfumes, and more. Will the back of your favorite makeup list fish scales in its ingredient list? Not really, you’ll see C.I. 75170, Guanine, 6-Amino-6-Hydroxypurine  or Natural Pearl Essence. Isn’t this cool or did it gross you out? Either way, I wanted to share this with you today. So, before you take a big squeeze at your bottle of hair conditioner, read the ingredients list just for fun. Have a stupendous day! ❤️💄👩🏽‍🔬💅🏻📚🔬 

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