Bougie? Why do my friends call me that?

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Dorm Diaries, Emory

It’s me, Emory! The Preppy Gyrl that loves Chemistry. I was thinking about  when I first started high school and people would  say that I was bougie all the time. Yea, my mom and dad Buy me nice things and we do live in a really nice house but I didn’t  think that I was acting different. I was just being myself. Why should I change what I like just to fit in and not look so called ”bougie”? So, I just wanted to tell you.  You only seem weird to others because those around you are so different from you. You are only called bougie because your standards and appreciation of finer things are different from those around you. If you change your circle, you won’t have those daily stressors in your life regarding not fitting in  or being accused of thinking that you are better than someone else. It’s not you, you’re just in  the wrong crew! ❤️ 

-Emory, I love pastel blue 

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