Fah’ry’s Top 20 College Freshman Advice for Christian Girls

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Fah’ry

Heeey! Have you met me in the novel, Preppy Gyrl Country Club yet? It’s available at the Barnes and Noble in Orland Park, Illinois, barnesandnoble.com and Amazon! Anyway, it’s me, Fah’ry! The one that drives the yellow drop-top and I wear the minty green glasses. Nope, they are not prescription, just super cute on me! So, it seems that people are having a hard time saying my name. I have to do this all the time, so here’s how you say it, Fa-ree , the F-a makes the sound like fa-la-la-la. Anyway, I wanted to give some advice to the girls that are on their way to college. Here ya go!

1. Make it a priority to read your Bible daily, even if it’s just a scripture in the morning before class. You must do your part to maintain your relationship with God. Trust, you will need to hear and receive God’s direction.

2. Do not date in your first semester. Girl, give yourself time to get your academics together. Plus, you need time to find out the reputation of the guys on campus before you start giving out your number.

3. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to new people. You will need friends. College is so not cool without friends.

4. Master time management quickly. Buy an actual planner to help you to manage all of your assignments and deadlines.

5. Do not stay in your dorm room because you are afraid to meet new people. Isolation can cause depression.

6. Save some money from your refund checks. Don’t spend it all. Open an investment account or something. Like, buy some stock.

7. If you came to college with your boyfriend, always, always do your homework and studying before you hang out with him.

8. Do not sign up for credit cards and you don’t have a job. Yup, you will get tons of offers in the mail.

9. Shower shoes, a caddy and a robe or towel with Velcro is a must.

10. Talk to your roommate about any issues you are having with her. Don’t let it build up. It’s the worst to be mad at your roommate in that small dorm room.

11. Be sure that your professors know who you are beyond attendance, especially in your major. You will need a recommendation from them for grad school.

12. Do not sleep in on Sundays. Get up and go to church or stream live if you are out of state. It’s so tempting to make Sunday’s the lazy day after a week full of classes.

13. Keep snacks in your room. You will need it when the cafe is closed.

14. The freshman 15 is real. You will be doing a lot of late night eating and studying. So, put exercising in your schedule.

15. Dress to impress yourself!

16. Do not raise your hand to ask your professor to go to the restroom.

17. There are no assigned seats in college but ironically, people sit in the same seats. So, pick one and stick to it.

18. Do not ask others for a pen or paper. It makes you look unprepared and irresponsible.

19. Don’t feel bad if you change your major, it happens a lot! People just don’t say anything about it. You’ll just notice them going to a set of different classes.

20. Parties, smashing in the dorms, drinking and all that stuff you heard about college are real! So, decide who you will be before you arrive on campus and stick to your morals and values. You can survive the pressure!

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