First Week of School Blues

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Dorm Diaries

Dear Diary,
I was so dragging today. School seemed never-ending.  I was so ready to go home! It was like Dr. York just went on and on about molecules. Ugh! I wish it was still summer break. I just want to go over Kennedy’s house and have another “Best Friends Only” pool party. I miss seeing who could do the best handstands under the water. I wish we just had one more week out of school. Anyway, Jacoby is still acting like a goofball even though we are in 7th grade now. It’s only the first week of school and he’s sticking his fingers in other people’s chocolate cake again at lunch. He is so obnoxious! I thought he would have matured over the summer. I guess not. Oh! So, Brooke and Princeton are still a couple. I can’t believe that they made it through the summer. We all know how Brooke can be. Ooh! I was so irritated today!  Well, Chaston hasn’t changed. He sat next to Kennedy in P.E today.  I will have to tell you about that later. I have to finish my Science homework.

Love Fah’ry K., 

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