J.D’s Journal on Girl’s “V” Health On-Campus

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Jordan

Hey hunny bunnies! I wanted to share something with you about girl’s health. It can be so scary when you start experiencing problems down there and you don’t know why, especially when you are a virgin. It can be sooo embarrassing to go to the doctor about an issue that makes you look like you’ve been sleeping around at first glance. Who wants to be at the doctor’s office where all of the girls with reputations go? Oh and please don’t mention going to the clinic on your college campus! OMG!! I totally get it but it is so important that you go to the doctor if you are starting to smell like the tuna salad in the cafe at school or getting yellow or white, thin discharge in your cute boy briefs. Sounds yucky right? Well, yes it’s yucky and these are signs that you have an infection. All infections do not come from sleeping around, so don’t panic. It is time to pay a visit to the gynecologist. The fishy smell will not go away with an extra lather of your melon soap. Actually, that could be the problem hun. I have included some info below about an infection that is very common called bacterial vaginosis so that you can understand more about what could be going on down there!

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