Girl’s V-Health: Are bath bombs, bath salts and bubble baths ok for my lady parts?

Hey girl! It’s Brooke! What are you up to today? Aren’t you glad that Christmas break is almost here? I know I am! Ooh! I can’t wait to be able to sleep late and shop, shop, and do more shopping with my mom! Speaking of shopping, my friends and I were at the mall last Saturday and Brinkley wanted to go to Bubblegum Bath & Body. OH My Gosh! They had so much cute stuff! It smelled amazing in there! So, Fah’ry saw some bath bombs that smelled just like strawberry bubblegum!  They were so cuuuute!! Then, J.D was like, “I don’t think those are good for our lady parts. I heard that they can cause UTI’s and other infections.” What! Of course I smacked my lips at her about it. She can be so overboard with her research sometimes.  Brinkley was like, “ that’s not true! My cousin uses bath bombs all the time. I am about to look it up.” She had this astonished look on her face as she swiped her skittled-polished nails across her phone. “Oh Gosh!” She belted. We were all   like, “WHAT Brinkley!!!” “Ooookay, I am about to send this to ya’ll.” She slowly said while reading on her phone. Do you want to see what she sent us about bath bombs and our lady parts? It’s from a Gynecologist. Check it out below. 😘
Bath bombs, Bath Salts, Bubble Baths and UTI’s (text from Brinkley) 

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