Is Preppy Gyrl Country Club, the novel, expensive? Hmmmm…

by | Nov 2, 2018 | Brooke, Dorm Diaries, Emory, Fah’ry, Jordan

My friends and I went to the mall today. We went in M.A.C and OMG, I saw this cute color in like a lip crayon! They had this light pink that was so so cute! It is a color that you can wear every day. Then, there was this bubblegum looking pink that I could not resist. I mean, it’s my favorite color! So, Brooke and Fah’ry talked me into trying this hot pink matte lipstick. I went ahead and got it. It was only $17.50 anyway. I needed to venture out and try something new. I am so excited about my new colors! I only spent about $65 including tax. I am going to be so cute in my new colors though.💄💄💄

-J.D, The Preppy Gyrl that drives the pink drop top …See you in the novel!💗

M.A.C Patent Lip Polish $21.00
M.A.C Matte Lipstick $18.50

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“I had this weird feeling inside, like… I shouldn’t be doing this!” Preppy Gyrl Country Club (The novel) unlocks the diaries of four Christian teen girls as they encounter “The Teen War™️” and transition into college life and adulthood! It’s private life! Pretty, educated & anointed girls in the college world! First loves! Dating! Virginity! Identity crises! Prophetic teens! Smart girl life! Good girls on campus?? “The Summer Before College!” Give it up or nah??? These novels touch the heart of the church girl and the not so church girl! It is the book to gift to your fav teen girl to answer the question, “Should I give it up or nah?” Good girls ask this question too! 💗
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