Boredom Bubblegum!

Dear Diary,
It’s me, Fah’ry! I am so bored!! I can’t believe that COVID19 still has us stuck in the house! Nowww! The governor of my state has announced that we will  not be returning back to school for the rest of the year! What!! I can’t see any of my friends! This thing has surpassed irritation! I wonder if Brooke is going to have to cancel her 12th birthday party? That would suck tremendously! My mom just bought my Scuba stuff for the party.  It’s pink, of course. Anyway, I am extremely bored! I started researching how to make face masks. I am going to ask my mom if she will order a sewing machine for me. Maybe, I can make some really cute masks and sell them? Is that right? Maybe I should give them to the elderly and kids? Ooh! That’s a good idea! I can make a line of masks for kids! Brooke called me today. She said that she was polishing her nails. I called Kennedy. She was baking cupcakes with her mom. I texted Morgan. You can guess what she was doing. Yes, of course! She was reading. So, I said ok and stop texting. We are all so bored. Once we are done with school work for the day, we have to find something fun to do until it is time for bed. This is so hard!  Anyway, hoping  for a sewing machine…
Fah’ry K. ❤️

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