Boyfriends, Break-ups and Best friends from J.D’s Bossy Brain

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Dorm Diaries, Jordan

Hi hunny bunnies! It’s J.D! I only decided to say something in the caf today because I am so tired of Fah’ry chasing Chaston! EVERYtime that he breaks up with her, there she goes asking him what did she do wrong and how can she make things better! Why why why does she keep doing this to herself? He’s not that cute anyway! Who cares how long they have been together? She talked about Chaston the ennntire time we were at lunch! Their breakup was definitely the hot topic! She’s my best friend and I think that she deserves so much better! Ok, ok, so I really didn’t say what I wanted to say to her. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, so I just listened just like everyone else at the booth. We all just gave each other that I’m listening but really want to say something look. I should have just said something?? BUT, I had Biology at 1 anyway. I am a Pre-med major and I can’t play around with being late to any of my classes. I hate being late period! Anyway, I was thinking in Biology …when Fah’ry, pronounced Fa-ree, people pronounce her name wrong all the time. I so just drifted. Seriously, I just don’t get how a person can say her name wrong. It’s simple and requires basic phonics! No hun, I don’t have a smart mouth, I am just smart and I know it. Hmmm, what was I about to say?…OHh! I was thinking, I should have written these words in that yellow nail polish that she loves so much on her Fashion Marketing book. I know that would have got her attention. She loves that book. She is so dedicated to all of her Fashion Design classes. She never listens when we tell her that she can get a better boyfriend, maybe if she lets the breakup be what it is, it may free her and then a Boaz can find her. Ha! That’s our little inside joke as friends. However, Fah’ry has been going through this drama with Chaston since we were in high school. So, what can I say at this point?? Smack that yellow polish, that yellow polish that she loves on her fav book and say this!

“Hun, heartbreaks are painful. They feel horrible but if he breaks up with you…do not chase him and do not beg him to stay!”
The friend to the end, J.D
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