“Umm, I Don’t Have Time to Do That! ” “ Emory’s Top Tips on Studying the Bible for Christian Girls in College!” 

by | May 5, 2018 | Emory, Study Tip

Soooo, it’s me again! It’s me, Emory! You know, the one that they call, “church girl”… I was the girl that shared my notes with you all before I taught our Bible study class on campus before Spring Break. Well, I have another set of notes to share with you. It was on my heart to share with other girls in college. We are so busy studying for our classes that it seems like we don’t have time to do all that digging and going deeper in studying the Bible BUT it is needed. Our lives are intrinsically overwhelming! I guess that is more reason why we need to know scripture and understand it. Anyway, here are some of my notes as I prepare to teach the last Bible study on campus before our summer break. Yes, summer break, finally! By the way, are you planning to meet my friends and I in the novel? You know them a little, there’s J.D, Brooke and there’s the loveable Urban Doll, Fah’ry!  The first novel shares the juicy details of our lives over summer break! Are you ready? It’s a serious Teenage War©️ going on! The flesh vs. the spirit is for real in our lives! It’s hot! School is out! We’re all cute and we drive matching drop-tops! The guys, the pressure, the temptations, the struggles as virgins, the decisions, and so much more! Curfew? It’s summer break! Our lives are definitely complicated! See you in the novel June 1!! Oh, I did digress, didn’t I? Check out my notes below! Summertime is a time to go deeper in God! 💗💄📚

Quoting and learning scriptures by heart are a must for us as Christians. They are weapons against Satan’s challenging words to us on a daily basis. However, there is no use in quoting scriptures that you do not understand. It is important that you understand what you are saying. Here is something for you to think about as you go through your classes today; how can you believe the words that you are quoting and you don’t understand them? The same strategies that you use to study in class must also be used in studying the Bible.  Strive to comprehend by using additional tools such as a Bible dictionary, concordance, and credible commentaries. The dictionary is a go to resource for gaining understanding of words which in turn help you understand what is happening in a sentence and even a paragraph! This strategy is used in studying for class and should be applied to studying the Bible as well. It is more important that you understand it than just quoting it.

Proverbs 4:7 AMP
The beginning of wisdom is, get skillful and godly wisdom. It is preeminent! And with all your acquiring, get understanding, actively seek spiritual discernment, mature comprehension, and logical interpretation.
Have a great summer break!
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